9th Imaging the cell du 28 au 30 juin 2017 à Rennes

Organisé par la SBCF et la plate-forme MRic


Deadline 15th of February

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Save the date for the next "Imaging The Cell” (Rennes, 28-30 June 2017) congress on the most recent advances in cell imaging.

 Morning sessions will be dedicated to talks given by prestigious national and international speakers. Slots will also be available for abstract-selected short talks.

Invited speakers
Claudia Bevilacqua (Jouy-en-Josas, France) Hugues Berry (Villeurbanne, France) Kees Jalink (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Sandrine Leveque-Fort (Orsay, France) Corinne Lorenzo (Toulouse, France) Muriel Mari (Groningen, Netherlands) François Nédélec (Heidelberg, Germany) Jonas Ries (Heidelberg, Germany) Christian Stigloher (Würzburg, Germany) Willy Supatto (Palaiseau, France) Pierre Vincent (Paris, France)        Thomas Walter (Paris, France)
During afternoons, you will have the opportunity to attend technical workshops setup on imaging systems of the Imaging facilities of Rennes.
Provisional worshops: FRET/FLIM, FCS, FRAP, Photomanipulation, HCS, Raman, IRM, Electron microscopy, SPT/PALM, Cryotomo, Image analysis (basics, macro, advanced), Molecular modeling, Microdissection, Biosensor, BIFC, CLEM

The meeting is restricted to 120 participants. 
Inscriptions is open (early-bird until April 15th, 2016) 5 Free Registrations

We look forward to meet in Rennes for this exciting meeting!
The organizing comitee: Clément Chevalier, Stéphanie Dutertre,  Sébastien Huet, Grégoire Michaux, Marc Tramier