Come to the AhR Meeting 2018 in Paris in August!

The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor meeting for the first time in Paris


General presentation

The AhR 2018 Symposium will bring together world-renowned scientists in an integrated program to  discuss the latest knowledge on the role of the aromatic hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in a wide range of fields. AhR is recognized as a transcription factor activated by many pollutants, responsible for the induction of xenobiotic metabolism enzymes. More recently, other functions of this fascinating protein have been described (immune responses, hormonal signaling, cell cycle progression, oxidative stress, inflammation, differentiation, development, apoptosis) as well as new ligands (including endogenous ones).

In short, it has become clear that AhR, a key « environmental » receptor, and its numerous ligands for which many interrelations remain to be elucidated, represent a relevant field of study in terms of public and environmental health, toxicology, pharmacology and Biology of development.
The venue of the conference (the new IMAGINE site of the Necker Hospital) will offer many opportunities for interaction to all those who wish to initiate / develop collaborative projects.