Conférence Eric SOLER, Ph.D. DR2 INSERM, Atip-Avenir Laboratory,Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier (IGMM)

‘Dynamic chromatin looping as a regulator of normal and pathological erythropoiesis’


Résumé: Erythroid differentiation is an essential and continuous process leading to the production of red blood cells, that has long been used as a model to study the genetic basis of normal differentiation and disease. It relies on highly dynamic gene expression programs that are tightly linked to three-dimensional (3D) genome organization. This 3D organization, formed as series of ‘chromatin loops’ and topological domains (TADs), allows the establishment of proper long-range contacts between genes and their distal regulatory elements, and prevents ectopic contacts between elements located in separate domains. Importantly, this organization was shown to be disrupted in several diseases, including cancer and leukemia. We are using erythropoiesis as a model to study the molecular mechanisms controlling chromatin looping, and the dynamics of 3D genome organization in vivo. To this aim we use mouse and human erythropoiesis to undertake a multidisciplinary approach combining high throughput molecular genomic approaches (ChIP-Seq, 4C-Seq and Hi-C) and proteomics analysis of transcription and chromatin regulatory factors.

Selected recent publications - Eric SOLER, Ph.D.

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