Présentation de la technologie The Simple WesternTM & WesTM par la sociéte proteinsimple

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gel-free, blot-free, hands-free --- Automated Western

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Cette technologie par électrophorèse capillaire permet de remplacer les Western Blot.

The Simple WesternTM by ProteinSimple reinvents the entire Western blot process without gels, transfer tanks, blots or film - giving researchers a complete, walk-away solution for protein detection and characterization.  Sample loading and detection to quantitative data analysis are completely automated, fast, quantitation and quantitative. It completely eliminates the manual factors that can negatively impact reproducibility, time to result and data reliability.  WesTM analyzes 25 lanes with as little as 0.3ug to 1.2ug of sample for each lane. When finished, it automatically gives you a lane view and electropherogram view with results already quantified and 7 exposures to view at once.