Bioimage Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The bioimage analysis and artificial intelligence core offers two main services:

Image clinic sessions

Image clinic sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 9 am to 12 pm.

PIs, researchers, postdocs and students can use these sessions to ask any question related to image processing in order to plan acquisitions, to quantify biological phenomena or to assess the validity of their workflows.

Sessions can be booked via Platform Manager (Guichet analyse d'images):


A first training organized by the imaging core MRic, image analysis applied to optical microscopy, will be organized in Ferbruary:

A workshop focused on the analysis of whole slide images with the open source software QuPath will be held in March.

Finally, a workshop dedicated to the use of deep learning approaches for image segmentation will happen in April. This workshop does not require proficiency in any coding language.